Why the DX?

Better for your body

Most rowing machines found in the gym are stationary machines.
They provide a strong resistance and work the body hard.
Though it looks like rowing, it's really not the way it's meant to feel
and can be doing more harm than good!

The dynamic DX gives you the same physical challenge but with a movement
that significantly reduces the load on the lower back and joints,
making for a much smoother and safer workout on the body.

Great way to get fit

Rowing is the most comprehensive workout around.
It works the whole body - legs, arms, back and core muscles.

It's a great exercise for getting fit, losing weight, strengthening and toning the body.

For those who enjoy the physicality of other training disciplines such as running,
but are concerned about the heavy impact on the knees and hips,
rowing the DX is the perfect low impact workout alternative,
that preserves the body from such excessive wear and tear.

Easy for everyone to use

Dynamic rowing machines are widely regarded as
specialized equipment only for on water rowers.

The Oartec DX however is designed to make it easy for everyone to use.
No experience necessary. Just jump on and start rowing.

It naturally encourages good technique, rhythm and coordination
and will get you rowing like a pro in no time.