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  • Move with the times. Be dynamic. Oartec Slider

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“The Slider simulates the boat better than the standard erg, there’s just no comparison.”

Charley Butt, Harvard Men’s Rowing Head Coach

Oartec Slider

Designed and launched in 2009, the Oartec Slider became the vanguard of a whole new category of rowing machines – the Dynamic.

Originally designed for the competitive rower, we thought it was time to take the Slider to the next level and make it even better and easier for everyone to use.

New in 2017

Over the last 2 years we have been busy developing and prototyping a new and improved dynamic the Oartec DX, that will supercede the original Oartec Slider design.

Unfortunately that means stock of the Oartec Slider is no longer available having discontinued production in 2016 in preparation for the new model release.

For the existing Oartec Slider customers we will continue to provide ongoing service, support and parts as usual.

There will be component upgrades that can be retrofitted to the Slider including a new workout monitor, which will become available on the release of the new DX in 2017.

If you would like more information on the Oartec DX please click here.

New Oartec DX